Our history

Norman & Son Ltd is currently the oldest shop in Great Yarmouth and in 2020, celebrated its 200-year anniversary of supplying the local area and beyond with quality furniture. 

Simon Norman was born in 1795, and in 1814 became an apprentice to a cabinet maker Mr Fish. After serving his apprenticeship for 6 years he decided to start his own business in 1820. He opened up a workshop in a row in Blind Middle Street as a cabinet maker, upholsterer, decorator and undertaker. After Simon Normans death in 1878, his son, Simon Clover Norman decided to expand the business and brought the shop at 14 Market Place. At first he only occupied the first floor to sell his wares and later came to live above the shop. Business was good and when the new town hall was built he received the order to supply most of the furniture, which was all handmade, it is still believed some of the fittings are still in use today. Simon Clover Norman married Elizabeth and had four sons, the oldest son, Simon William Norman, joined the business. Trade was good and in 1904 the family brought number 13 Market Place. In 1906 the two shops were rebuilt with a new shop front for display of the furniture. The workshops were going strong and for some years everything went well, then the First World War began, while the men went off to fight in the war, Elizabeth was left with a lady and a old french polisher, Mr Monks to run the shop during the war years. When the war was over in 1919, things slowly began to improve and it was decided to form the business into a private company. Mr Simon William Junior joined the business in 1924, followed in 1926 by his brother Mr Ernest Edward Norman. In 1928, improvements began in the shop and a large yard at the rear was made into a new showroom for linoleum, carpets, wallpaper and paint. In the coming years , Mr Anthony Norman joined Mr Terence Norman in the business making it the sixth generation of the Norman family. Terence and Anthony took overall control in the running of the business in 1980 and in the mid 1990s Terence daughter, Yvonne Norman, joined the firm and took over as the book keeper from Anthony’s mother Maya. A couple of years later, Yvonne’s younger sister Jennifer Norman joined the business and they are both now company directors , alongside Anthony Norman , who still takes an active interest in the business. Normans celebrated it’s 200 year anniversary in 2020 and is still going strong serving Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas.